Highly skilled and professional, yet friendly. I suffered with back pain for 5 years and Darval was quick to get to the cause of the problem.Hard work but now am painfree.
I had a problem with my shoulder on and off for over a year and as my husband had been to Mid Kerry Physiotherapy before, I went for a consultation. It was a real relief that Darval diagnosed the issue straight away and also confirm that it wasn't a major problem. I had a total of 5 half-hour appointments with Darval for rehabilitation - I was given exercises and guidance to help build up muscles that were lying dormant for too long. It has been 3-4 months since my first appointment and things have improved immensely. There are no shortcuts, but I can highly recommended this practice.
I have had a LOT of physio in my time but this was a new experience. Darval treated the initial injury and then combined it with exercises. For the first time ever I am actually DOING them because Darval's consistent endeavour to create exercises that will target the specific areas that I need to work on but are also realistic to my home environment.
Prior to starting my course of physio with you I was struggling to walk,let alone play any sport. All my symptoms have now been resolved.
I never felt rushed. My condition and necessary exercises were well explained and I love that I got an exercise sheet to pin up and practice. No excuse to not doing them!
Very knowledgeable and professional approach that helped with my knee pain. I had quadriceps and knee tendinosis and required treatment. I started the treatment with manual and rehab physio. It has been very comprehensive with many techniques and methods to release and strengthen the leg muscles. I can already see an improvement in the mobility of my knee and soon hope to be back to my previous fitness level.
The dual approach with manual therapy and exercises has meant I experienced my first pain free day in over a year. I feel better informed in the diagnosis and understand how to correct and what to work on. Brilliant and have already recommended Mid Kerry Physiotherapy to many friends.
What impressed me with Mid Kerry Physio was that the clinic wasn't full of high tech fancy machines but the great outcome was dependent on Darval's hands and knowledge. Great with the explanation encouragement. Thanks Darval.
I went to see Darval about a sorting injury in preparation for the Ring of Kerry Cycle. She was excellent and managed to provide me with exercises and advice which ensured that I had no problems with cycling. Highly recommended.
I owe Darval great gratitude for the kindness and great physio care that got my shoulder back moving.
Sometimes it is just so simple; for years I have had problems with my neck and shoulder. Darval said my posture was a big factor,so simply correcting my posture at the desk, arrange the desk a bit, a few exercises and hey presto, all better! I'm turning into the office nag, correcting my colleagues posture!
I first met Darval following a car accident. I was in a lot of pain and so stiff that I really thought that Physiotherapy would just hurt. Darval immediately put me at ease through her deep knowledge and professionalism. She set to work. Between treatments, a range of gentle home exercises and handy practical tips, I soon began to recover. I was pleasantly surprised that Darval uses dry needling; this gave me such relief. Darval is constantly up-skilling and learning new advances to help treat her clients. Besides her knowledge and abundant professionalism, Darval is very empathetic, when in pain and just exhausted an empathetic ear is so important.